Healing for Husband

My hubby is a disabled Vietnam Veteran who was also confirmed as being exposed to Agent Orange herbicide. He has PTSD and multiple health issues, of which the worst affect his sleep and his posture/stamina. He has severe back pain which is causing his posture to become stooped and interferes with his daily activities. He has heart issues, having had a heart attack at age 39, and has had multiple (13+) heart caths and placement of 4 stents. He has COPD, Debilitating Arthritis, chronic colitis, rashes and other skin issues causing sores that heal slowly. He had bladder cancer, which the tumor was removed and treated his bladder to a chemo bladder wash for 6 years, as bladder cancer has an 80% reoccurrence rate. But the worst is his sleep, as it affects his overall health. He is up and down all night, falling asleep while upright and falling, causing many bruises and sores, on head and body. This also affects my sleep as to the noises of his snoring (because when he is up he is not wearing his ASV pap sleep machine) and to his stumbling around knocking things over and falling. We need prayers to heal his body and mind/memories, so he can enjoy his life, children, grandsons, and great grand children. I thank you all and as God to bless you all.