Health and Finances

I am 78 years of age – raised my then 7 year old grandson after his mother, my daughter, passed suddenly in tragic family crises. This happened six months after my own 25 year marriage had ended.

When my grandson was 12 we learned he suffered from a genetic disease that caused his hip joints to slip out of socket. He had surgery on both legs which involved screwing the hip to the joint. Three months after this surgery his right leg broke three inches below the screw — they repaired that by putting a metal plate in his leg. These surgeries went well and he lived a full and productive life until four years ago (he was then 36). The pain and medical issues lead the surgeon to think he needed a hip replacement on his left leg. That surgery did not go so well.

He had moved in with me to care for him, we thought it would only be for six, maybe nine months. Fortunately, we have always had a good relationship. The problem is (since the last surgery) he has developed panic attacks, making it difficult for him to hold a job.

My resources are tapped to the fullest extent – this week a friend found out we had no food and took me grocery shopping. So blessed — but not a long-term solution. We are not eligible for public assistance.
I am asking for prayers for his health – physical, mental, and emotional and financial stability be returned to our household.

Thank you.