Job and Finances

My husband and I moved across several states to be closer to our children and grandchildren. He has not been able to find good paying, fulfilling work since the move (August of 2019). He is 59 but still needs to work and has always been a good provider. He is getting depressed and worried about not only how we will survive but also how he will ever be ready to retire. He has worked construction and been a truck driver his whole life. He thinks he isn’t getting hired because of his age. I try to encourage him and we do pray for God’s wisdom and direction. Please agree with us that something awesome will open up for him and we can enjoy the family that we moved to be closer to.
We live a simple life and do not have anything extravagant. He has had to have a couple of surgeries in the last year. So these only add to his worry. Thank you so much for allowing me to bring our prayer request to this group. God bless