Leo Bear

This is a hard post for me to make, but I am once again asking for all of our prayer warriors to come together and pray for our Leo Bear. Today we had an ultrasound and then met with the Pediatric Surgeon. Leo has what they believe is a duplication cyst, which is an abnormal portion of intestines that is attached to his normal intestinal tract, sharing the same blood supply. They believe this cyst is bowel material, and it has been growing larger. The Surgeons met to present Leo’s case, and they all are in unanimous agreement that it needs to be removed very soon! There are risks with leaving it- it could become cancerous, become infected, or cause a bowel obstruction. The benefits of removing it far out weigh the risks of another surgery. Leo is scheduled for surgery on August 4th, a week from Tuesday, but they need to determine if Leo needs a special cardiac pediatric anesthesiologist. If he does need one, they have to make sure one can be available for the 4th. We will confirm his surgery date this week. I wasn’t expecting Leo to need another surgery so soon, and we are still processing this news. I just want to keep Leo Bear in our happy little bubble… I don’t want him to have to go through another surgery. The Surgeon is hoping for an uncomplicated surgery- that he can easily remove the cyst laparoscopically and that Leo won’t require an open abdominal surgery or need any of his bowels resected. We will be back on 6 south, where the visitor restrictions due to Covid-19 and cardiac patients being high risk remain the same (only one parent can be with Leo). Leo is so STRONG, a true WARRIOR, and can FIGHT through anything! He is so much stronger now and better nourished than before his open heart surgery, and this surgery is much less complicated! As his Surgeon stated, this should be a walk in the park compared to his heart surgery! I am asking for so many prayers for Leo Bear and his medical team. Prayers for God’s perfect timing for surgery, for an uncomplicated surgery and recovery. Prayers for James and I as we face another surgery physically apart. Leo is in God’s hands, and we witnessed a miracle through Leo’s heart surgery. God has got this 💙 #prayforleojames#heartwarrior #leobearstrong

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