Hello ♥️

My name is Michelle. I am blessed and filled with thankfulness for all God has given me. I am not perfect but try to be filled with love, joy, peace, kindness and grace.

I’m going to be 49 on October 20th and my husband is 53.
My husband is well-loved in the community, respected and everyone just loves him. He has been a doctor in the area for over 25 years. Everyone thinks very highly of him. I’m truly thankful that he has a profession where we are never without food, shelter or worldly necessities. My husband has a kind heart and always wants to help others.

The challenge I’m facing is that he is mean to me when others are not around many times a week if not daily. He is cold, angry, mutters mean things and says very few words to me. I think he might be verbally abusive but I really don’t know what that really means. I live for the moments of kindness and sweetness… these are maybe a few times a week. I am learning to be strong and react only in kindness because any type of negative reaction only brings more meanness or prolonged meanness for days. I’ve asked for counseling and we went once but he says he doesn’t have time or it’s too expensive.

I am blessed… I stay at home… I want for nothing of this world… I just want a husband who is kind and loving to me. I feel alone 😢

Thank you for reading my rambling of words. God is my strength.