My Husband is Ill

My husband has been struggling with his health since 2002 when he had a 5-bypass surgery. In the hospital they discovered he had diabetes, asthma and acute sleep apnea. Since then, he’s developed A-fib, venous stasis, GERD. In the last 10+ years he has had strange symptoms of falling, one leg was getting smaller than the other, weakness, trouble walking, tremors and terrible pain, etc., doctors were confused and saying they didn’t know what to do with him. We were referred to a neurosurgeon and he said there’s nothing he could do so he referred him to a neurologist. After he got a new hip in February this neurologist started all the testing. Last Wednesday we got a diagnosis of NMOSD. He will start immunosuppressive IV therapy soon to keep any further events from happening. These disease is awful because it attacks your nervous system and your eyes. So far it has not attacked his eyes and he is nervous that it will. Anyway my prayer for him is to be restored physically, emotionally and spiritually. May GOD do a great work in him.