Please Deliver Us

I’m afraid. God won’t help me. He won’t answer me. Won’t talk to me at all. I pray. I can’t get through. I need help from you and your followers.

Those of you who are more in God’s favor than I guess I am right now. We are being forced to move again. Financially we are still with the same person we’ve been with the past 10 years. Good worker and provider. Also a drug addict alcoholic narcissist and he’s bought a home through his employer 40 minutes from where we are living now. Which is my home town.

I don’t feel good about this move. I’m out of my comfort zone and I’m having a kind of break down is the best way I can describe it. I work and will keep my job but we’ve been through some ugly times with this man. We have been strictly roommate’s for the last seven of the 10 years. Why won’t God deliver us from this move? Show me another way.