Protection for my Family

Today my granddaughter took my 19-month-old great-granddaughter, that has lived with me since she was two months old, and moved three hours away. My granddaughter has a one-month-old newborn son.

My little one has had me by her side every day, even when mom was living here too, I was the one who did most of her care. I am sure it is going to be hard on her not seeing me and her pop pop on a daily basis.

I need prayers that she will adjust ok and that her mom and the new man in her life will take good care of her and protect her from illness or injury. I’m 65-years-old and I love too much and this child is like my own daughter and I know it’s going to be hard on me with her not here.

Please pray for us all as we adjust to these new living arrangements and pray that God watches over them all and protects them. Thank you for your prayers.