What Now?

We have had an awful year, cancer of the face, (all clear now) two brothers died within four months of each other.

My husband is being made redundant in March after 32 years, at the age of 65, he works for a church he is not ordained, and as the house come with the job we loose that too. We just got our daughter, who is a single parent to a 12 year old whom we look after, as my daughter is a teacher but has a number of health problems.

We do have a small flat about 250 miles away we bought because it was the cheapest property we could afford. So now I am trying to work out how to get a three bedroom garage four sheds (I paint as a hobby) into a two bed third floor flat.

The church said they are rejigging what is needed and feels this is God ‘s leading. I don’t think God has told us…. I am a very involved Christian so I have been involved in all sleet within the church. Many people are saying, “well God will open up doors for you to be involved in.”

But I have to work as we will never be able to live on my husbands pension and I don’t get a pension for another 18 months. I have to work but there are very few jobs where we are going.

I am really stressed. I know God is our provider… but it’s a killer to have to shred family memories because I can’t take them with, and the furniture I have won’t fit in the flat so have to get new/ different furniture.

I just feel on my knees with it all, thank you for praying I appreciate it. xxx