“My husband and I are about four years away from what I call “re-alignment/re-invention time” or as more…

“My husband and I are about four years away from what I call “re-alignment/re-invention time” or as more commonly known as “retirement” from full time paid employment…

I am almost 64, and hubby is 65. I have owned/run a successful after school tuition business for 14 years, and it is a business that I could begin training an assistant manager-type person to free up some time for me, and it’s also quite common in my industry to appoint a manager to run the place while I still do a few administrative tasks but don’t have to be there doing the grunt work every day.

I can keep the interest in the business while I’m still wanting to. My husband is a teacher, so he may like to do the odd day of relieving (in his current school) or take on a part-time teaching job for a few hours a week – until he tires of it. We have done the math and we should be comfortable financially. That’s not really the issue.

My issue is that – because I have been so fully engaged in building and running my business, I have had little time to cultivate other interests/social groups, etc. It’s been “all-consuming.”

I want this time to be filled with meaningful, interesting, fulfilling activities because that’s what I need. I don’t want to fill my days with trivial stuff. I need to be purposeful and continue to use my brain. I need to be around people of a similar ilk as well. I know that I really need to start getting myself into some social, art, service, exercise groups now.

I have started making a list (my “go-to” thing to do when things get hard) and the idea of joining a group of similar minded women really appeals. I haven’t heard of anything existing that fits the bill (we live in a relatively small city of 50,000). So – typically me – I have been thinking I could start my own “Soon to be Retired” (I’d think of a catchy name) of like-minded women. I’d probably get it started via Facebook if I couldn’t find anything existing to join.

Just interested to know how others have dealt with these pre-retirement thoughts. What has been your saving grace? I know a church commitment might be recommended but I don’t see myself comfortable with that. Love to hear about others’ experiences / thoughts/ suggestions.” -Anonymous

  1. Oh boy I feel the same way about “re-wiring” …I have about 8-9 more years to go but I am already thinking about what I will do, once retired , so to speak, to remain purposeful and still feel like I’m contributing to my continuing personal development, my health and my community…I do not want to just BE retired…

  2. I am retired. However I did join a church. However, I also tutored children in an after-school program, volunteered in a prison ministry, went dancing on Fridays, and took master’s courses. I also managed to lose a considerable amount of weight.

    You will find your way. And you’ll absolutely love retirement.

  3. This was my situation 20 years ago, coupled with re-location to a new town, very small and rather remote. Became involved with a local church as much for fellowship and ministry as for spirituality. Found many activities to try and discard and then to focus on those that would use my talents and interests. After the “honeymoon” I was able to remain active and sometimes even too busy, lol. Now that the honeymoon is over, I have a core of friends, many acquaintances and as much down time as I want or need. You will find that you have much more control over your life/time and are able to live a full and interesting life. Good luck.

  4. Not quite the same, but maybe worth a thought. A young couple moved into our area five years ago. She immediately set up a facebook page for women only in our area as she was looking for recommendations and suggestions about everything. They moved here from another part of the country. That page took off! She was very strict and straightforward about the rules, and signed on few trusted administrators eventually. She organized get togethers in local restaurants. Today that group has close to two thousand ladies, many offshoot groups, like bookclubs, lunch groups, walking groups, charitable groups (including one for collecting items for homeless women) have been formed, just because this one gal decided to reach out into her new community. So, reach out.

  5. I’m getting close and building groups that have similar interests. I ride horses. Show horses and look forward to that I’m the future.
    I’m also considering getting certified as an Essentrics instructor or Master Gardener. I’m not a great gardener and look forward to more time.
    Also love travel. Planning some big trips and the Ted Hats might be interesting. I’m seeing lots of opportunities!

  6. I’m 70 and not planning on retiring! I work two days a week, volunteer at a local radio station running a two hour breakfast show every week, answer the calls on a crisis support line one morning a week, look after a friend’s children after school two afternoons a week, offer massage and healing therapies in between and I’m studying a counselling course. Life is fun and I have many friends for walks, dinners and chats.

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