Retirement Years

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian) “I’d like to know how women cope when their husband…

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)

“I’d like to know how women cope when their husband retires and you (the wife) has to keep working because you’ve not yet reached retirement age.

It has changed the dynamics of our world, and the so-called, retirement years. If I go to my full retirement, I need to work for seven more years while he stays home! Please help me get through this!”

  1. I am in the same boat and it is so hard! My husband has made working easier for me by learning to cook. He fixes supper most every night, and that has made it a little easier to keep going. And I work for a school, so I have summers off. That makes it both easier and harder. I get used to being home with him in the summer and it is so depressing to go back in August. It is very hard no to be envious when he can do things during the day without me that I would like to go do, also. And I am so exhausted from working during the week that weekends I don’t feel like doing much of anything. I am curious to see the responses you get because I can use advice on this, too.

  2. My husband is home and I work night duty. Makes it easier to think that I am at work and he is sleeping, so I feel like I’m not missing out on much – During the day He’s home and I can sleep around what we may decide to do, or I can sleep the day away, get up have a chat and go back to bed.

  3. I’ll say: if you can, retire early. Enjoy adventures together. Tomorrow, together, isn’t promised.

  4. I live in New Zealand. There are 12 years between my husband and I. 18 months ago I decided for health reasons to retire and piggyback on His retirement(Called national superannuation). Now it is life differently and learning 24/7 relationship. Still challenging but better than continuing to go our separate ways. Grateful that I could stop working even though there is not as much money. Thank God for budgeting skills!!

  5. My husband is 15 years older than me. He retired 7 years ago. He was great. He cooked, cleaned and because I worked from home, brought me tea or coffee and had lunch ready and served me when I was slammed. We really enjoyed my days off together.
    I ended up disabled from several genetic time bombs going off in a two year we are together most of the day.

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