Revisit an Old Love

Sharon writes, “I would like to hear opinions about contacting a past Love, mainly just to catch up and see how they’re doing and not to rekindle anything. This guy was without a doubt the love of my life and I think about him often especially when I’m watching a romantic movie…

We were together for nine years and had the most passionate and wonderful relationship, however there was a huge age difference (I am 20 years older) which meant that it could never be forever.

He eventually moved away to Dubai for work but still called me every so often, usually after a few drinks to still profess his love for me. The last time he called was about four years ago to tell me that he still loves me and misses me. I have not spoken to him since then but he has never left my heart.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the pandemic or I’ve been watching too much Outlanders, LOL, but I feel like I want to try to call him and just see how he’s doing. He’s now back in the city that I live in but I don’t have his number, although I stay in contact with his sister on social media occasionally. He however is not on any social media at all.

So my question is do you think it’s an ok idea or a bad idea to reach out? I know that I could just ask his sister who has told me he’s doing well but I feel the need to actually talk to him and maybe create some closure. Technically we never really broke up… he just moved away for work… lol (which was 14 years ago).”

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