Running Out of Time

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“I noticed about two years ago that I feel an ongoing and uneasy urgency to constantly be doing something whether it be physically or mentally. It’s like I am aware that I am running out of time…

I will be 60 in May. I am basically happy with my life and healthy. I just can’t shake this constant urge.

My husband can relax and nap but I feel like I am wasting time and naps are for when I am too old or sick to do anything else. Wondering if I am the only one that feels this way?” -Anonymous

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35 thoughts on “Running Out of Time”

  1. I too feel a sense of urgency at 68. I’m a retired teacher who got a late start on life. I married right out of high school and had two children. At age 28 I began college and worked my way through school. I hold a BS and 2 MA’s. I have been lost since retiring. I worked 3 years for the county attorney and resigned due to impending surgery. My sweet husband is 8 years older than me. His health is not good. I feel as though I’m waiting around to die.

  2. Go see Mt Rushmore! It’s fabulous. The national parks are spectacular, too. I’m trying to see as much of this beautiful country while I can.

  3. I feel like it is time to stop buying so far ahead —- fabric and books. Read the
    Magic of Tidying up and getting rid of lots of stuff that I no long want —- having 50 books on the pile to read —- and yards and yards of fabric to be sewn into quilts is no longer a thrill. Giving it away and just doing what I really want to do…. I think everyone who enjoys a hobby has a tendency to have too many projects, too many supplies, and feels overwhelmed by it all, eventually. And when you get caught up, there is always something new and more fun out there…… we just need to stop accumulating so far ahead.


  5. I will be 70 this year..I am still working full time..Don’t plan to retire anytime soon..I would love to be able into retire and travel..But I will have to work as long as I can

  6. I turned 60 last week, and I just feel out of sorts – not exactly like I am running out of time, but like I need to do what counts and not worry about the rest. I spent so many wonderful years raising four children, and then working full-time, that I haven’t taken time to do what I really want to do – volunteer at my church, paint, hike part of the Appalachian Trail…I think the time is now!

  7. I am 71, still employed 30 hours a week, been divorced 35 years, helped raise my 2 granddaughters, and have spent the last 10 years working on my 120 yr old home. Do as much as I can myself when I get home from work! I have –put up a fence, painted all the outside windows, planted new gardens around the fence and base of the porch, painted every room in the house, new tile in the bathrooms, pulled up carpet and painted floors, and now in the process of completing my old kitchen, painting cupboards adding wall tile and trim on the woodwork. DONT give thought to time running out! Be too busy and you will feel young while you work! I feel like im 40 except when I have lifted something I shouldn’t and have back ache LOL.

  8. I am 65, still working full-time with part time jobs most weekends. I am beginning to feel a little bit like I’m running out of time. I have chores, cooking, and creative things to do when I get home every day! I’m so grateful that I’m in pretty good shape. Some of the people I’ve gone to school with are gone. Life is a gift !

  9. It’s comforting to read that others feel like I have this past year. Will be 62 soon. Good health, lots of energy, self-employed, but that voice keeps telling me time is running out. I am working on just living in the moment and stop putting labels on myself, as hard as it is.

  10. I’ll be 87 in July and don’t want to waste a moment thinking about my bucket list; I went on two bus trips by Lamers; one to Niagara Falls and one to New Orleans and I want to go to South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore but I have no one to go with. My husband died in 2017 so can’t depend on him to go (ha ha).

    1. I want to go also!! Been to S.D. a few times but never saw Mount Rushmore!
      By the way, yes I do feel that urgency every day!!

      1. I find my faith in God & a belief in eternal life stops me from feeling time is running out! I just turned 76, celebrated our 43 anniversary with my husband, have had a full life with “people helping” careers, a loving family & friends. I worked till I was 72 & have been involved in volunteering during that time as well & since. Lately I find myself content to relax, tend my small garden, read, spend time with loved ones, stay involved with church, do a little craft making things for others… We have travelled overseas but now feel content to do road trips within Australia, seeing more of our beautiful country, visiting family & friends. Life is good & heaven is going to be even better! Patricia

    2. Go see Mt Rushmore! It’s fabulous. The national parks are spectacular, too. I’m trying to see as much of this beautiful country while I can.

  11. I will be 71 this month and in good health. I am very aware of time but have a hard time figuring what to do to fill mine. I realize that at some point my health will.start failing so one thing on my bucket list is a trip to Montana. I’ve made reservations for me and my grandson to stay at a dude ranch in Montana in July. Can’t wait.

  12. I just retired December 31, and feel like I NEED to do a chore everyday. The kind I didn’t have time to do when I worked full time! I am in good health and feel guilty not working and earning a salary. Do not know how to relax!

    1. Big learning curve for me when I retired was Pacing myself. No longer necessary to rush through life, really could do what I would prefer to do. Took a little while to get the hang of it. Enjoy!!

  13. Around my 60th birthday, I realized that I had put off a lot of dreams until “later” and now it was just too late and they were never going to happen. It was pretty depressing for a while. Finally I realized that I wasn’t dead yet. I had a lot of time that I was wasting and I needed to get on with being alive. Now I’m busy every day. I do volunteer work for my church. I help care for 2 older ladies who aren’t as healthy as I am. I spend time with my teenage grandson and his friends. Last summer I went river rafting and zip lining in the Tennessee mountains. I don’t know how much longer God will give me but I try to make the most of every day!

  14. I retired at 62 and suddenly had the same feelings. Preparing to die. Going through closets and cabinets frantically trying to downsize. Always trying to accomplish something and feeling like I was wasting time if I relaxed.

  15. Maybe you should make a list of things that need to be done, and then do them! I will be 60 in July and thankfully, I feel free to relax and am looking forward to retiring in the next 2 to 5 years. I have a will, I’m working on cleaning out closets, drawers, etc. but without urgency, just with an eye toward what is no longer useful to me and I feel ready to “travel light”. I feel this is the best time of life and look forward to having time to do what I want instead of what I must, and having time to just kick back!

    1. You may find that when you have the time to do what you want and not what you must that you will have some strange resistance as these others have mentioned. We are trained in this culture to be productive, to put our selfish wants aside and help others, or at the very least to be “active.” We don’t shake that programming overnight. Many find themselves active with hobbies and grandchildren and church or civic organizations and still have not learned to really slow down and be present in each quiet moment. I am 71 and I still battle guilt over this. Getting to a place of balance is a challenge, and if you have always been a worker, a helper, a volunteer, a patent figure, taking time for yourself and learning to say No to demands of others (She’s retired. She has time. Ask her.) can be a challenge.

  16. I to feel this. I just retired and will be 59, I feel the need to be moving all the time. My husband thinks I’m crazy. We exercise, walk and are social, but there is that feeling.

    1. I recently turned 68 and yes, time is definitely running out..especially for productive time..Every part of my body is changing and I have definitely entered the winter of life..that being said, you don’t have to lay down and die..just make the most of what time you have left..physically and Dr told me to
      set 85 as my goal..that makes it an opener when you realize..yes..I am running out of time..

  17. Oh great … I’ll be 60 in November and I am aware time is shorter but don’t at all feel like I’m running out of time in fact it’s only in the past few years I’ve started to do what I really want. I feel better about myself than I did in my 40s or even 20s I’m doing things now I felt I could not do then. Acting writing etc

  18. No one knows when their time will run out. Obviously as you age you are more aware . It’s good not to feel the need to be doing! You have to work at it strangely enough.Find something that takes your fancy,read ,play music,knit for charities.

  19. Thank you for naming this feeling. I will be 60 in a few days and have felt the same. It’s an anxiousness not positive or negative, just present. It brings thoughts of “what should I be doing?” And “why am I so indecisive?” A very unclear time in my life at the present moment.

    1. Yes! You nailed my feelings of anxiousness. Part of me feels I should be doing important things with my life along with having fun. I retired from teaching 2 years ago with these goals. It is a constant battle in my head. Another side of me says it is fine to enjoy the simple things in life and not force it. I will turn 58 in August. I need to work on balancing these feelings. It should not be either or. I need to enjoy what comes and what I find.

  20. Oh I know how you feel! That same feeling hit me on my 60th Bday last month. I am trying to shake it off! 🙁

  21. No you’re not. Or at least I’m the same way. Unfortunately, I’m neither happy or healthy. I’ll be 62 in August. When I turned 60 it seemed like my wanting to do stuff and everything just left me. I want to do stuff and I do. But it seems like I’m just waiting to die. Wasn’t like that until I hit 60.

    1. Oh no!! I am 76 and knowing I serve others keeps me knowing that I don’t worry about running out of time!! Start thinking of what you want to do for yourself and others then you will get calm!! Good luck!! Blessings

      1. This is the way to go , mind over matter. Do the things you love , the things you’ve been putting off . I’m 71 , not in the best of health but I’ve learned to laugh and enjoy something everyday.

      2. Yes turning 60 next year and been feeling the same
        way. Even though I know you don’t know when your time is I just feel like it’s getting shorter 😭😭 I feel like I’m getting much more sensitive than I used to be 🤗🤗🤗

        1. I’m approaching 70 in May. Seems monumental to me. Never thought of myself as Old until now. Spouse has heart condition And I have other health issues that are limiting our Doing. Friends our age are dying, bringing a real awareness that Time is running out!

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