Selfish Husband

“Where do I even start? I fell in love with who I thought was the perfect man. Not “perfect” but perfect for me. He moved in and everything was going great until I saw his text messages…

He has been texting his ex-wife and telling her he still loves her. When I confronted him with this, he got mad at me and made me feel like a low-life for reading his messages. He’s never apologized to me. I’ve made it very clear that I don’t want him contacting her. They have no children together so there’s no need to be in contact with her.

He continues to talk to her and honestly, it makes me feel like I’m garbage. Like I’m just here for convenience. I know that some exes remain friends. However, when feelings from a past relationship are brought in secretly to a new one, I believe that’s destructive.

I feel like my feelings don’t matter because he wants to talk to her and he does. I feel like I’m on the back burner. I love him and I break my own heart every day that passes because I’m constantly wondering if he’s thinking about her. I don’t know what to do. I just wish he loved me enough to leave her alone.

This is the only issue we have and I guess it’s my issue because he doesn’t have a problem with it. He even said it’s my problem. This is more than just jealousy. I feel betrayed because this goes on behind my back. Am I wrong for feeling hurt by this?” -Anonymous

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