Sexual Intimacy

Anonymous writes, “My husband is 55 and I am 50. I still enjoy intimacy and would like to continue having a sex life…

His sex drive has totally disappeared and he feels we are getting older and we don’t need that part of our lives anymore. I feel he may need to get checked by a doctor because maybe his hormone levels are low. He doesn’t want to go and prefers to not have any intimacy.

He is a great partner in all other ways. He cooks, cleans, takes me out to places, buys me nice things, and my family loves him. Is it shallow of me to feel like I need more? He doesn’t like even talking about it because he feels embarrassed that his “plumbing’ isn’t working like it used to. He is not willing to do anything about it and is afraid to take any medicine for it. I don’t know if I should just consider myself lucky to have a great guy and stop thinking about it, or what would you do?”

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