Sexually Dissatisfied

“I was widowed four years ago. After dating a few toads, I have finally met my prince. He is wonderful in every way, but we do have one problem. And this is what I’m looking for feedback and input on…

We have been dating, and spending almost all our time together, for two months. Early on in our relationship when discussing potential sexual intimacy, he told me that he has a very small penis, but would be able to satisfy me in other ways. Okay. (I’m 70; he’s 73.)

He doesn’t just have a small penis; due to complications from surgery to manage erectile dysfunction, his previously average penis is now much much smaller and he has to use a penis pump to achieve that. He also has no feeling down there, so I cannot make him “feel good”.

My own needs are not the same as when I was in my 20s, but I do have some. I am able to satisfy myself, but would like some participation from him. He told me that I could take a lover, which his wife did, but I’m a monogamous person, and I need that emotional connection to be satisfied.

That’s the background stuff. Here is my problem. My understanding was that we would have a sexual relationship. But nothing much is happening in that area. Do I leave a truly wonderful man, with whom I enjoy life in every other way, because he won’t participate in my sexual satisfaction? Do I stay with him and go on satisfying myself without his participation? Any other options that I’m not thinking of?” -Anonynous

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