Snow Memories

Snow Memories

What a treat to wake up to some snow!
It reminds me of winters from long ago
My mind starts to drift down memory lane
As the snowflakes drift down on my window pane

Waking up early to see snow on the ground
My brothers and I would jump up and down
Race through our breakfast. No school today!
With the snow coming down we were ready to play!

Between two pairs of socks, we wore old bread sacks
Mom bundled us up, she was good about that
Then out in the snow, so blinding and bright
The first thing we did was get in a snow fight

Would the snow make a ball or was it like powder?
When it slid down our necks, we only laughed louder
We’d dig out the saucer and the wooden snow sleds
“Don’t lose your gloves and keep that hat on your head!”

To the top of the hill we would eagerly trudge
The first sled that went down would hardly budge
But we persevered until it was slick
Pack it down tight, that was the trick

We flew faster each time we laid our sleds down
Shouting with glee as we spun around!
Sometimes we would crash and lay out in the snow
Then back on our feet and away we would go!

When we finally gave up, our toes were past numb
Our friends would head home with the setting sun
Into the house to strip down by the door
Melting snow dripping all over the floor

Mom would just smile and hand us dry clothes
The smell of hot chocolate would tickle our nose
Oh, those were the days! We had a ball!
I smile to myself as I watch the snow fall

Memories of snow that brightened our childhood
Looking back now, it was better than good
So lacking in color, snow hides everything
But it paints a colorful memory with the joy that it brings.

Written with a happy heart by: Kala Cota

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