Sometimes Friends Disappoint

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian) “I find it interesting that so many people feel more…

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)

“I find it interesting that so many people feel more comfortable talking to strangers about things in life.

Is it just me, or do friends sometimes disappoint? I know everyone cannot be everything to everybody, but I’ve never found it difficult to praise and support when needed. I’ve been on a journey to correct life-style habits that have begun to affect my health, successfully I might add. My husband is doing this journey with me and has been very supportive. I’m not one to brag or share all in my life, but to my few friends I have sometimes vocalized my triumphs and feel-good moments. It’s been interesting to observe their reactions; sometimes the complete opposite of what one might expect from a friend. Silence for starters, or ‘piss on your parade comments’, or making it about them and why they can’t do what you are doing, not uttering one word of praise or support. I try to understand where they are at in this particular moment in their lives and cut them some slack, but I find it draining, so now I mostly say nothing. I’m generally a great listener. I find it both hurtful and disappointing to not have that kindness returned.” -Anonymous

  1. You know the saying about friends, gold and silver. Real friends stick with you. They celebrate your triumph and mourn your failures. They are encouragers, confidants, and sisters in love. They wish good things for you. Being in a good friendship takes work and exchanges–give and take. Keep your good friends, who add your life and make new ones. BTW– congrats on your hard work and good results-did the same. Seems we are both blessed with wonderful husbands. Be happy, be blessed. Have that good life you deserve.

  2. I’m afraid if you expect in return, what you believe you are giving… you will always be disappointed. If you get something in return, be happy, if not…give to
    the next and move on. You are in charge of your happiness, no one else…:):)

  3. Sometimes, it’s timing. One never knows what challenges others may be dealing with at any particular moment.

  4. There are no really wrong answers (unless it’s harmful) but Mickey’s response resonates the most!

  5. If they can’t be happy for you then that says more about them than you. I always praise people’s achievements. I don’t understand jealousy of what others have or achieve. We all have our lot in life, good and bad. Your husband is a great support.. isn’t that wonderful!

  6. I have found that I have to find mature, deep thinkers to share deep thoughts and feelings with. Some people are insecure, immature, etc.

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