Soon to be Empty Nester

Anonymous writes, “I’m a 59-year-old happy mom of two beloved young men (25 and 28). The youngest has been nourishing a dream of moving to Canada and building up his life there after graduating and getting married which may happen in two years at the most…

The other son is chasing a very difficult dream which is to pass in a public contest and become a Public Defender. That means he would have to move to another city or state (in our Latin culture, children live with their families until they are really grown-ups, differently from other cultures).

I am aware that children do not belong to us. I also know that, as any other parent, I have raised them to live their own lives and follow their own ways. However, I know I will suffer and I will suffer a lot!

I am a retired teacher still working. In other words: I am still healthy and active. I have a simple question to those who have been through the experience of “empty nests”: what can I do beforehand to avoid suffering so much when the time comes?”

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