Spousal Detachment

Anonymous writes, “I am a 57-year-old married woman. My husband is 60. I am feeling a real detachment in our relationship. There has always been a little, but it has gotten bad enough that I wonder if I should stay…

He doesn’t say he loves me anymore, not even if I say it first. On Valentine’s I got frustrated because he didn’t even say “Happy Valentine’s.” When I asked him he said, “oh, I didn’t know we were still doing that.”

Today is our anniversary, when I told him happy anniversary, he just waves his hand at me, like hi.

I have flat out asked if he still loves me, his response was, “why do you ask?” This in itself answers the question for me.

We need a new mattress, so he has been sleeping on the couch for a couple months. I can’t help but wonder if he just doesn’t want to sleep with me, not because his back hurts. There has been no intimacy, not even hugs for about three years. Part of that is he has ED.

I know part of it is that he lost his job due to Covid a year ago. I just don’t know how much of this is normal behavior for men when they get to this stage or age in life.

I don’t know what to do now. Talking to him doesn’t help and I feel like I should just be alone now. What would you do?”

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