Thinning Eyebrows

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Vicki writes, “I’m losing my eyebrow hair and what’s left is turning white.

I’ve read online that women should just go without filling in their eyebrows when this happens but I think it really ages me. The white hairs don’t cover easily but I try with powder eyebrow pencil. (Not a regular pencil but powder which I think looks more natural)

What does everyone else do when this happens?”

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55 thoughts on “Thinning Eyebrows”

  1. I have lost most of mine due to Lupus. So what is left (very little) I take a H2O
    eyeliner and try to stay as close to redoing them. Everything else is out of the question. As I have Discoid Lupus and it’s all over my body! Lupus has no cure and attacks my skin. That’s all I know to do, for me. Maybe someone else has a different suggestion?

  2. All these great comments and saw only one that even a tiny bit came close to talking about my eyebrows, ha. I have long curly eyebrows! Most are still dark but an occasional white one grows until I see it and pluck it out. I have always plucked under them but now I have to wet them, brush up, hold them to my skin and trim them! I hate that blunt end but do not know what else to do. I don’t color or draw anything in but I see they are also getting thinner as they grow. Any suggestions?

  3. This more than any other thing defines a face. The thing is not to go too dark. I used to have black brows. Now I use a 7x magnifying mirror and do mine using a mid brown brow powder, followed by a brow mascara. The modern angry brow where the brows are brought closer to supposedly thin the nose is very aging. A slightly heavier brow balances a heavier jaw… I do not colour my hair but need my brows to look like myself.

  4. I had the same problem but had ‘microblading’ done. Similar to a tattoo. Had two treatments and now go back once a year for a touch up. Use a pencil when they get to light or if I’m going out and want a more dramatic look.

    1. Would you mind telling me approximately how much you were charged?

      Did the microblading hurt?

      How long did the session take?

      Thanking you in advance for answering any of these questions.

    1. I had my eyebrows microbladed, best thing ever! My eyebrows always look nice, no more drawing them on ( my eyebrows were always blonde, now mostly white/blonde) You need to research the “artist”, their experience, qualifications & that they can do the color & style you want. Also, a consultant before they do anything is a must.

  5. Roden & Fields Lash Boost
    So I hear this is expensive but it totally works. I’ve never used it but I want to so bad because I am to losing my eyebrows and eyelashes. It can be used on both.

    1. Its amazing! Yes Im a consultant but I love love this product. I have friends that have false eyelashes put on for a $100 pop. They are now using LashBoost

      1. I had the same problem but had ‘microblading’ done. Similar to a tattoo. Had two treatments and now go back once a year for a touch up. Use a pencil when they get to light or if I’m going out and want a more dramatic look.

    2. If your eyebrows are very light colored blond or white or gray Rodan & Fields will make them grow but it will not make them darker. And I know this because I have already conversed with a Rodan & Fields representative.

    3. My daughters (2) have used it, they’ve had amazing results for their eyelashes. You need to be faithful about using it & it is pricey, but they both love it

  6. I hv had to color my eyebrows all my life bc I ws redheaded an blond eyebrows. I learned how to do them as a young girl by practicing on my thumb. I drew eyebrows fr ages until I got them ,not perfect t, but becoming to my face. I went to make up store an she drew Joan Crawford brows on me. Lol.

    1. I let my bangs cover my eyebrows. My wonderful hairdresser 💇‍♀️🧚🏻‍♂️💃 worked with me on this for years. For me….it works like a charm. 😊😉😊

    1. Tattooing fades to an extremely unnatural color, and pretty quickly.
      I see women who had it done a few years ago and it turns a strange bluish color…
      I strongly discourage tattooing them

    2. That’s what I’m going to do. Microblading is what you want. It cost between $250 and $450 but I think it’s totally worth it. Just make sure you see pictures and even better, live work that they’ve done. Make sure you get recommendations and do your research. Good luck!

      1. Thank you. I have seen someone who had theirs done about 9 months ago and they look so real. She said she uses sunblock on them and the color hasn’t changed. I so want to get the microblading done on my brows for $300.00.

    3. I think my sister paid over $400 to have hers tattooed. Think I’ll stick to my pencil! I’m 72 and they get thinner and thinner.

    1. Yes, I had mine tattooed and couldn’t be happier. I always had very blonde eyebrows and make up would always rub or sweat off.

  7. I lost mine due to thyroid issues. Had them tattooed about 7 years ago, and only add a bit of pencil for special occasions to cover the white ones that are growing in. I also use a “lady shaver” on them to keep them from coming in where they aren’t wanted.

    1. Order BaBe from Amazon…Mine were getting pretty thin too…use every day for 2 wks and begin to see results. Also, apply to lash as well…once you have enough, use couple times a week.

    2. I would highly recommend Microblading. This is a better option than tattooing. You get to pick yo color, mine are a very light brown and are completely natural looking. It is a process and the entire process (1st visit/healing/ and follow up touch up.
      Check references before choosing your aesthetician.

  8. I had the same problem until I finally found a eyebrow product that works and is easy to use. It is called “Wet n Wild. It is a pencil with a brush. I have tried for years to find a product which looks natural. I am happy with this one. I agree, no eyebrows do age one. I hope you try this product and see how you like it.

  9. Mine are sparse, too, because of thyroid issues. I had mine microbladed. It’s wonderful! They aren’t perfect and sometimes I still fill them in, but I feel comfortable in my daily life just the way they are.

  10. I am 60. Over plucked when I was teenager. The ones I still have are turning white or very corse and winery. Sometimes one ever curl like old men’s do. Ever growing long nose hairs!!!! True love is when your husband lets you borrow his nose trimmer!!

  11. I use brown eyebrow powder. I am grey but need my eyebrows to be old hair color. I feel that taupe or lighter ages my face.

  12. I have never possessed great eyebrows always sparse. Always envied those that had those beautiful full brows. Loss of brows can be due to over plucking. I put a little Chapstick on my eyebrows before I apply pencil or powder. Lightly pencil and apply following natural browline. Then a bit of powder to “set” the brow. I have white hair and find a taupe or grey pencil works best

    1. I bought an eyebrow “ mascara”
      It looks like a mascara brush, just a bit smaller and works really well at thickening and covering the white hairs too. Made by L’Oréal and called brow artist plumper

  13. I have the same problem . I use a very light pencil . Blond if you can get one and with a little comb on the lid . Then you can draw in the rest of the eyebrow. Come through the brow after . Good luck .

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