Trust is the Issue

“I’ve been divorced two years. Really haven’t had the time to heal from that. I met a man who is also divorced and has a long history of womanizing. He admits it, but after 10 years of divorce, he states he has changed, and wishes to find his last love. He does everything right, we are both in our 60s….

This is the trouble I have. He lives quite a way away, I make the trip to his house weekends for privacy sake. We have been dating for six months.

I care for my elderly parent, and a caregiver helps me. I have a real issue with trust thanks to my ex-husband. How am I ever going to get past this issue and allow myself happiness again?

This man is unbelievably patiently waiting for whatever move I want to make in my life. He will wait, so he says. I’m the one who is impatient and wants to be with him. I would be willing to sell the house and drag my father with me.

Many years ago, my father called me a sacrificial lamb… as I have always put others first. I fear, I’m doing the same here with wanting to be with this man, and be willing to change my whole life once again for my happiness. I am looking for some sound advice.“ -Anonymous