Trying to Engage Grandson

Anonymous writes, “My grandson is nine years old. He lives in a household where both parents are mostly depressed and lacking energy to do things. They rarely engage with him and I have him quite often…

I’m at a loss how to handle this. I am worn out trying to find things that he will be enthused about. They refuse to let me take him to counseling and being at home doing virtual school since March has been the kiss of death to this situation.

I am struggling with what to say to him to try to get him to engage. He will engage if he is interested in something but I knock myself out trying to find things. His only real interest are video games and that’s the only time he even gets to talk to other kids. I try to find play dates but they rarely work out. Any ideas how to try to get to him without bashing his parents?? I hate to admit I find myself preaching too much.”

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  1. I felt son was slipping away, we had nothing in commons except he.loved video games, I asked him which would be the best for me to play, and we got going….that was 22 years ago, we still play together when we can. Always have stuff to talk about. And.playing now relaxes me.

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