Ty Dutcher

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian) Had a prayer request for Ty back in November, 2019.…

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)

Had a prayer request for Ty back in November, 2019. Shortly thereafter, he wrote, “Since I’ve gotten sick I was thinking about all the “lasts” I may be having.
“This morning I thought about it and realized it’s not the “lasts” I was seeing but my “firsts” as I was seeing things with my eyes fully open. I realized that my whole life I was seeing things with my eyes half closed. Now I can see things for the beauty that they possess.”
The cancer was found in five lymph nodes and the doctors took one and one half-feet of his colon and intestines.
A few days ago he responded to my inquiry of how he was doing, “I’m flying out Sunday (yesterday) to see my kids and grand kids. I know I’m not handling this right… maybe more wrong than right. There’s no book to tell you how to feel… I’m just so afraid of not existing any more. It terrifies me, but I don’t have a choice ya’ know.
“I can’t right all my wrongs, as I have too many. I do believe in God and I know I will get to see my Mom and Dad but dang man a quick ending would be better than watching my life slowly ebb away… Damn Ms. H…. I’m not asking for pity… I dont know what I’m asking for… I’m trying to make things right for Rose… I don’t want her to worry or be alone… but she will be… I can’t help that or stop that…
I want… I want… I want and I don’t have time… all I can do is write… Don’t wait to fix things… don’t wait, ’cause I may have some time left – it’s not enough to right the wrongs…”

He said “Don’t wait to fix things.”



  1. I have tried to right all of the wrongs I’ve done that I know about and I’ve prayed about all the wrongs I don’t know about. I have peace in my heart and soul. thank God.

  2. God bless you Ty. I get it Ty…l get it. I have been battling cancer for 8 years now and have walked in your shoes, and continue to do so. All we can do is pray and do our best for those that we love. Don’t look back…you are not going that way! Look forward…because that is the way you are going.
    I wish you nothing but the best…
    A fellow traveler 🙏❤️🌿🌻🍃❤️🙏

  3. Enjoy every minute, every hour and every day you get to see a new sunrise. Please don’t live with what was, but find joy in what is now, you’re never alone God is always with you.

  4. I am both grateful and humbled that I can be reminded of this truth before I encounter this challange myself. Why must you pay so dearly for my “education”? I hope it gives you, suffering in this way, some small comfort: that your words of pain and trial, in some incomprehensible, loving way, actually help others.

    1. So sorry Ty, to know you are going through so much.But by writing it down you have allowed your suffering to rise above it all and inspire others.God bless you and help you through it all!

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