Ungrateful Stepdaughter

Anonymous needs your advice: “My husband and I have been married since his daughter was six months old. She is now 31. We have two grandchildren, four and six. We are heartbroken…

We never see them on a holiday. Every holiday is spent with either her mother or his family. We get what’s left, which used to be a few hours. This year we neither saw nor heard from them.

The kids also have birthdays around Christmas, both of which were spent with his side of the family. She has been mad and spiteful at me, the stepmom, since Fathers Day when I posted a photo of my husband, thanking him for all he does for me and for the two of us. My stepdaughter got very nasty, sending me a text message stating I cropped her out of the picture. She was not cropped – it was a close up of the same photo of him while we were all on vacation together. Fathers Day is about him – not her. She has never sent him a card or called on his birthday.

Up until this, things were fine. We are devastated and very hurt by her immature behavior. After three nasty text messages, I finally lost my temper and responded by saying she could treat her father much better than she does. I told her she has a mother AND father who both love her.

We have helped financially her whole life. From child support to college to a wedding and money towards a down payment on a house. Then helping move them in the cold weather. I don’t know what more we can do.

We both work full time and try to see the kids at least a few times a month, as time and schedules allow. Help! I feel she owes us an apology, but she thinks my husband has “taken sides.” It’s awful. There are no sides!”

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