Unwrapping Christmas Memories

I won’t find a gift from you underneath the Christmas tree So instead, I’ll unwrap a precious memory…

I won’t find a gift from you underneath the Christmas tree
So instead, I’ll unwrap a precious memory
One I made with you and though my tears may fall
They’re still my favorite gifts, the ones I treasure most of all

If you asked me what I want and tell me to make a list
First, I’d write down “Time”, then the names of those I miss
I’d beg a few more moments to share another “I love you”.
If I could have a wish that is what I’d choose

I’m old enough to know that we only get one chance
One day, it’ll be too late to take that second glance
We’re so busy living life, rushing here and there
Until we finally realize that there’s nothing to compare

To moments spent with family laughing long and loud
Surrounded by our loved ones in a joyous crowd
Encircled in loving arms that greet us with a kiss
I want more of that on my Christmas list

The spirit of Christmas can’t be found under the tree
It resides in our hearts with all our cherished memories
It takes us back in time to when everything was good
There’s magic in a memory made in childhood

Even those that can’t be with us on this Christmas Eve
They never really leave us and I want to believe
As we smile at the memories replaying in our mind
They are smiling too, in another place and time

I don’t need fancy clothes or jewelry made of gold
I’d rather make a memory to recall when I am old
No house full of trinkets from places I have been
Gift to me more moments with family and friends.

Written by Kala Cota

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas season
filled with beautiful moments that become
cherished memories.
For those who are missing someone this Christmas
may your heart and soul find peace and comfort
in the memories that you share.

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  1. Thank you. What a lovely Christmas greeting! 🎄
    Merry Christmas to you too GreyFeathers and to all that read the posts at this, my favorite site on the web. And may 2021 be a mich kinder year for us all over this world of ours. 🙏❤️🎄🕊💐🤗❤️🙏

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