Verbally Abusive Mother

Anonymous writes, “I am lost emotionally. Living with my quite ambulatory and still driving 82 year old mother has taken it’s toll on me. She’s nice to everyone but me…

To me she blames anything that happens. She snarls and cusses at me. Wednesday night she suggested shooting the cat if I was unhappy with him (who’s actually her cat).

She makes me the butt of sarcastic comments to visiting family. Yesterday was supposed to be a quiet holiday for the two of us. We have five cats between us, all fixed, etc. We usually let each other know the status of them being fed, in or out. She said the oldest one had eaten and was on the porch. I asked, how about our other allstars? She said, “huh?” Me – “the cats” Her – “How the he** am I supposed to know what the F you’re saying?” Me – “Please don’t start by being mean today.” And then she cussed at me until I cried, made fun of me crying, told me to move the F out, she hated having me live here, get the F out.

We’ve been through quarantine together, through a very tenuous hurricane season on the northwest Florida gulf coast, are still recovering from Hurricane Sally flooding the downstairs storage area. So I’ve recently been moving all the storage bins back downstairs now that it’s safe.

Thanksgiving morning I had our two-story elevator loaded with bins to take downstairs,. I’m in tears and she’s still yelling, “oh you’re probably going to F-ing run to a friend’s house now.” I had trouble with the accordion elevator door but got it back on track and closed. After pressing Floor one the door malfunctions, the ceiling starts to be crushed and I pull the emergency stop. I called my niece for help because I know my mom isn’t physically able to use the emergency key system. After an hour I was out. She then shares that she had trouble with the door that morning!

I quit my bartending job to keep her safer this summer, Covid numbers are rising, I have to stay here until the elevator is replaced in two weeks… How can I live like this?”

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