Warning about Bad Caregivers

Phyllis has some very useful information:  “My mother died in 2011. She was a widow for 15 years.…

Phyllis has some very useful information:  “My mother died in 2011. She was a widow for 15 years. She had dementia since 2008. She did not want to move near me so I took care of her from afar. Another state.

I arranged for home care, managed her bills, etc. From 2008-2010 she had numerous caregivers from an agency. In 2010 someone asked me if I had my moms wedding rings. It never occurred to me to ask her. She removed them when my father died and kept them in her jewelry box. So in 2010, when I visited her, I asked her about her rings. She walked over to her jewelry box, lifted the lid, and said, “oh…. I don’t know.” And walked away. In her right mind she would have been hysterical. They were gone! Her rings and my fathers wedding rings were tied together with a yellow ribbon.

My parents lived very frugal lives. Did not have fancy things. The only thing she had that was worth anything were her rings. A caregiver stole from her. I am heart sick. Other things were stolen that I didn’t care about.

I want to give a heads up to others whose parents are dependent on caregivers and they live in another state. Get the valuables out of the house before ANY caregiver comes into the home.”

  1. Exactlythe same happened with everything my mother had! You have to be very cold hearted to do that but it happens. Before taking anyone in take the valuables out! So sad you cannot trust .

  2. I work for a reputable in home caregiving company. We have to have a background check before they hire a person. Dementia is a wicked disease and sometimes items are misplaced. However, when items are stolen a police report is mandatory.

  3. My grandmother (who came from a very poor background, and lived in a high rise flat in London) was asked to ‘give’ many of her nik-naks from her china cabinet to her social worker visitors. She did so, because she was a very generous lady – but she was becoming frail, and she was taken advantage of.
    Each time we visited there were less and less of any kind of value.

  4. My mom at 98 was bright as a new penny but she was wheelchair bound. She relied on people to move her around. One day she started complaining to me. Little things were going missing. Her lose coins, her hairbrush, fancy scarves, a pillow I had made,a blanket her mother had made. I argued and became difficult and most items were return. Then I received a phone call-her brand new wig was missing. So new I hadn’t got the visa bill. I demanded a search.
    Turns out one of the residents was stealing things and stashing them around. Mom was a target because once out of her room she rarely returned until after lunch. Cameras were installed in the hallways after that

  5. Mom had surgery. Dad was wheelchair bound. We talked and hired home health around the clock care. For 48 hours. We met with the works.thought things were going to be ok. Not the workers we met with didn’t come just whom ever the could fine came. If they hadn’t worked to mant hours that week. I couldn’t be with Mom in the hospital and at home with Dad at the same time. Brand new roll of stamps were missing, Antique silverware. A number of things. Be aware…

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