Where do we go From Here

Phyllis writes, “My 7-year-old granddaughter was caught by her mother looking at porn on the internet…

By the time my daughter noticed, she had been on grandpa’s tablet for four hours. Looking into the history she found lots of searches she had done for “vagina” “in the butt” and others. Asked where she learned such words, she said her 10-year-old cousin showed her.

Occasionally she stays with this cousin in another town with other grandparents. The grandparents have no idea this is going on. I keep her two days a week. We took off YouTube and put kids YouTube on the tablet she uses at our house.

We didn’t think about the browser, Safari. She even has learned to use “private” browsing. I am heartbroken.

Her innocence is lost. I want to let other grandparents know to not assume these kids don’t know tricks to fool us. I thank God I didn’t have to deal with this when my kids were little.

I’m unable to give my daughter much advice because I just don’t know. My daughter is a single parent, works full time and has to rely on us grandparents who babysit to be more aware. Where do we go from here?”

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